Basic fault of sanding machine

The machine is in running process, often can present a few trouble, but these should be swept away in time, but if dispose improperly, can affect produce, add capital. This requires operators to be familiar with the rules and regulations, skilled operation, timely cleaning. Some faults are not severe when found, but if not properly handled, it will cause a big fault, severe impact on production.

Below on sanding machine common problems are analyzed.

1. The sand belt deviates, usually due to improper adjustment. The normal swing of the sand belt should be 15-20Umm with a swing frequency of 15-20 times/min, with a moderate swing speed and a common swing in and out. If in abnormal condition, a long time, can present run off the surface, especially the pendulum in and out of speed is not common, more likely to cause abnormal stop surface; Photoelectric switch is damaged, solenoid valve is damaged, sway cylinder cylinder is damaged. Dust suction safety, high dust concentration will affect the normal operation of the photocell, also lead to sand belt deviation; The damaged parts should be replaced in time to improve the dust removal effect.

2, limit failure, sand belt on both sides of the finite switch, when the sand belt sway failure, run off to one side, touch limit switch, sand belt loosen, the main motor actively stop, can be useful maintenance of sand belt. Once limit failure can lead to sand belt damage, friction rack attack spark, and even lead to fire. Therefore limit switches should always be checked to see if the action is secure.

3, sand belt corrugations, sand belt once corrugations can no longer be used, there are usually three types of sand belt corrugations can be: sand roller and tensioning roller wear formation, grinding thinking, correction roll; The sand belt becomes soft due to moisture and causes wrinkling, which can be dealt with by drying and drying. Sanding captain time does not use the appearance of sand roller rusted rough, sand belt sway difficult to recommend the trend, at this moment should be roller derusting or sanding with more fine sandpaper.

4, sand belt cracking, sand belt cracking first because the sand belt deviated, or blunt sand belt did not replace in time, or too much sand cutting load, or encounter hard objects in the process of sand, or sand belt quality problems. Sand belt cracking should be prevented as much as possible, otherwise it can lead to fire. When the current attack abnormal, should investigate whether the sand belt is blunt, if it should be replaced in a timely manner.

5, plate deviation, sliding, rebound, sanding machine in the adjustment of the demand for the upper transport roll back tension spring to two-thirds (the remaining third), the upper transport roll and the lower transport roll distance should be less than the slab thickness of 1.5mm or 1mm, otherwise it will lead to slab deviation or slip. When severe, it causes a backlash, which can be injurious to personal safety.

6. After replacing the sand belt, the size of the sanding plate changes. When the cantilever of the sanding machine is loosened or locked, the azimuth leakage is relatively large, which should normally be within 0.5mm. If be too big, when lock block locks cantilevers, the fine distinction of lock force can make cantilevers repeat precision attack is different, bring about sanding plate scale to shake, affect sanding machine sanding precision directly. When the cantilever error is too large (more than 0.5mm), the locking bolt of the locking block should be unscrewed and properly adjusted. When replacing the sand belt, the locking force of the locking block should be the same.

7, empty when the transport roll intermittent change or not turn, work, usually can not investigate the above situation, only in empty when the ability to find that the reason is the transmission of power in the worm gear reducer some wear or wear. Although it will not have an impact on the operation, other worm gear will shorten its life due to the aggravation of the work load, resulting in greater loss. Therefore, as soon as this condition is discovered, it should be replaced immediately.

8. Abnormal oscillation of main bearing housing. : Under normal conditions, the oscillation of the main bearing seat is very small, experienced operators can tell whether it is normal or not by touch, there is usually no conditions on the site with the measurement of instruments, but can choose to compare with other bearing seats to distinguish, can also be judged from the appearance of the sanding plate. When the occurrence of abnormal bearing oscillation, it can be considered that there are two reasons, one is the bearing damage, just replace the bearing, the second is to touch the roller attack wear, loss of garden, the original dynamic balance damage, the formation of vibration abnormal, this situation is necessary to remove the sand roller repair.

9, the main transmission triangular belt slipping representation, in the S-shaped and T-shaped sanding machine, this is primarily caused by improper adjustment. Should be strictly in accordance with the belt extension of 1.5-2% of the demand for adjustment, and the triangle belt on both sides of the elastic common. When the adjustment is completed according to the demand, the test run should be carried out, especially when the main motor current suddenly rises, to investigate whether the belt is off track. If so, the belt should be adjusted twice.

Post time: Nov-26-2020