Classification of plywood use range

Plywood is a kind of multi-layer artificial processing of composite wood, because of its good characteristics, is widely used and wooden box production, in addition to plywood wooden boxes, it is also used in the field of home decoration, is a good material for home decoration, then plywood use range classification of what?


The different occasion that uses according to plywood can divide plywood for besmear act the role of use plywood, decorate plywood, decorate plywood with plywood board and veneer commonly plywood.


1, finishing plywood: used for decorative coating furniture surface decoration, can also be used as a sewing machine board and a variety of electrical processing shell.


2, decoration plywood: widely used in furniture, construction, vehicle and ship decoration.


3, general use of plastic board: used for packaging or other pad lining purposes.


4, veneer decorative plywood: used for construction or furniture.


When having plywood to choose, can the environment that uses according to, the occasion that uses and utility, the property of the project, choose different kind, different material to pledge and the plywood of different adornment effect, the plywood with appropriate choose and buy according to his demand thereby.


Post time: Jan-15-2021