Difference and quality influence between plywood and woodworking board

Plank is often used in the process of family decorate building materials, in the plate processing, sheet metal production technology constantly reinvent today, plank variety many, the selected time for broad consumer supply more, also for we caused the problem, what kind of plank, many people don’t know: what are the differences of plywood and blockboard, here is a brief look at.

1, block board, wood board is composed of core board and the table plate solid plate, fret board core board to board a patchwork, generally choose the same tree species or near the performance of tree species, carpentry board core board between 6 ~ 12% moisture content control, core of the width is not more than three times the thickness, do not allow to have larger crack, vague, fret board table has two boards, the quality of the good is called the panel, the other side as the backplane, table board can single plywood surface sanding, double-sided sanding or double not sanding, in special cases, fret board’s table plate to have the appropriate repair, The craft of fine wood board makes full use of the corner waste in wood processing. It is a kind of plate with large size, moderate thickness and even structure.

2, plywood, it has to do with the board in the manufacturing, materials selection, etc, are similar to that of plywood with the board is made up of several layers of plate, but the difference is that board is not necessarily the three layer, and thickness of each layer of the common plywood, veneer of good structural strength, good stability, first floor for decoration panel, the back of board type furniture and other wood products manufacturing.

No matter in the home or business plywood are everywhere, we will find similar appearance quality of plywood are greatly different, in glue plywood manufacturers in the production of plywood can every working procedure in different extent, affects the quality of plywood glued, let’s take a look at what influence the quality of the plywood

Embodied with the function of synthetic resin adhesive glue, with all components and a few mite surface, such as glue process of plywood in our country in recent years by rubber components and rubber process a lot of research work, this not only saves many chemical raw materials, reduces the product capital, make the products functions have also improved, which is the embodiment of the technological progress, as long as the synthetic resin used in the production function, excellent has meet the agglutination strength, adhesive group distribution ratio is reasonable, modulation of adhesive function, resin content and viscosity fit, meet a long active period talent the objectives to ensure the normal operation and products conform to the requirements.

Veneer quality, especially its appearance state has a great impact on the bonding strength, veneer quality in wood section preparation and veneer peeling processes should be satisfied attention, to be very good wood softening treatment, control good peeling conditions to make the veneer each target in the best value, should pay attention to the veneer moisture content and flatness.



Rubber pressure should pay attention to grasp the good sizing amount before the two link, and the slab Chen amount is too large, high capital amount, and rubber thickness, internal stress increase, simple together through glue, glue quantity is too small, does not favor the glue solution moist, rubber would not be complete, aging time length to fit, along with climate change, reasonable changes to complete the core board the entire, cut core board lamination, away from the seam, to pay more attention to grasp the good glue layering zhong, dropping speed, especially more should pay attention to the moisture in the slab.

Post time: Jun-24-2020