General knowledge of hot press

In the hot press this aspect, we will continue to explain some of its related content, mainly in front of has not been introduced, so that we can let you through this article, know more knowledge of the hot press content. Because the following content is relatively sporadic, so here is not a summary, you will understand after reading. Hot press heating method, mainly with temperature selection, technical control and processing product quality and so on. The traditional heating method is usually steam heating and electric heating. The former simply presents the problems such as uneven surface temperature, while the latter has the characteristics of large power consumption and running cost. Later, there are thermal oil heating and other methods. This heating method, with high heat capacity, uniform temperature and small heat loss, can reduce the production cost, and can meet the requirements of hot pressing. Hot pressing machine hot pressing plate, is also a very important part, its function, we can evaluate from several aspects, for pressing plate data application, machining accuracy, and hot pressing plate medium hole placement. The connection of hot press and seal, should choose appropriate. Meantime sealing pad data, the tradition is to use asbestos rubber board, in addition there are some new data, such as teflon, surround graphite, because their sealing effect is good contrast. The control system of the hot press is mainly to control the heating system and hydraulic system, so it is related to sensitivity and accuracy. However, the composition of its control part is relatively complex, so it also presents the problem simply. If the hot press function is complex, so as far as possible to reduce the use of control components, such as solenoid valve. Second, hot press plate deformation cause analysis in the process of producing, when hot press booster, two layers by temperature and pressure effect, hot platen often present pit, crack, deformation, etc, also can produce temperature uneven phenomenon, and limit the threshold plate showed a panel after sanding, MAO part loose, tabby wrinkle, unequal thickness of layer of the hard faults, has a great impact on the quality of goods. Especially after the hot plate deformation, the thickness of each layer of blank error, some thick, in sanding when the hard layer of the board sand off, sanding when the board sand. To reduce present board face sand, board face rough, soft, as well as the quality problems often have to add wool plate thickness and the surface hardened layer thickness, to ensure that the sanding allowance, such not only add the goods produce cost, can also lead to uneven density of wool board, food enterprise standard keep on record warping deformation and other quality defects, bring the adjustment of the sanding machine hard together. Beyond doubt, the multilayer hot press production line produces the wool board thickness error big main reason, because the hot press plate deformation causes. The deformation of hot pressing plate is mostly regular transverse deformation and longitudinal deformation, the reason mainly has the following points: 1. The heating is not uniform, the temperature rises too fast during preheating, especially when the cold starting preheating is more prone to deformation. 2. Use steam heating, sometimes the steam pipe in the hot pressing plate is not smooth or scale formation obstruction, uneven conduction during heating, so that the temperature rise of each part of the hot pressing plate is not consistent, which has led to hot pressing deformation; Sometimes condensed water discharge is not free and not easy to control the temperature, more easily lead to hot pressure plate deformation. 3. In the production process, there is a situation in which the blank is missing, the blank is short or the density of individual blank is too low, so that the pressure will be concentrated on the thickness gauge and lead to the deformation of the hot pressing plate. 4. If the hot press book is not free, unloading board frame card board, the back of the slab and the front of the wool board collision, it will make the front of the slab fiber piled up. If the operator can not find in time, the hot press boost is easy to form the tortuous deformation of the hot press.

Post time: Sep-15-2020