Maintenance and operation of hot press

Linyi hot press automatic saw machine is generally used in the plate processing field, can improve the processing efficiency to a certain extent, at the same time, in order to ensure the use of performance and accuracy, need regular maintenance, we will understand the following.


First into the inside for cleaning, after each use, remove the processing of the remaining debris, for the next use, to prevent some problems, easy to wear on the parts of the lubricant, in order to reduce the friction between parts, improve life. In cleaning, if problems are found in a particular part, contact the maintenance business for repairs and turn on the power until no repairs are made, so as not to cause more serious consequences.


The hot press factory should pay attention to some operation details when using the equipment to ensure the processing effect and safety. Before using, check whether there are obstacles around the equipment. If there are no obstacles, turn on the power supply of the equipment and then check whether each phase parameter of the machine is within the specified range. Put the product that needs hot pressing into the device and fix it. Do not touch the hot pressing aluminum plate directly by hand. If the temperature has been high, no protection tools, easy to burn, in the case of no exception to press the hot pressure switch, the product in the appropriate time after a certain temperature will rise, in addition, in special circumstances to timely press the emergency stop switch.

Post time: May-15-2020