Matters needing attention when rotary cutting machine works

Is to the new rotary cutter before commissioning needs we will guide shaft, hanging wheel rack, gear clutch, roller shaft, feed screw and wire mother all moving parts need to add lubricant, such as it is to work on the new machine within 40 hours, guide shaft, hanging wheel rack, gear clutch, roller shaft and other parts, need to add lubricating oil once every two hours and then to work in a rotary cutter after 200 hours, the lubrication parts lubrication twice every 8 hours, and is to work in every 200 hours, check whether the control button work normal, Then come in single and double roller drive motor v-belts or chain whether wear or relaxation, and timely adjust and change, so in addition to this, is to a machine and will not check everywhere, not only a waste of time, is really not necessary, but such as loose parts, rotary cutter knife slow, this is in need of users regularly inspection on it, so in addition to this, we are still in need to check the details of the other place, which is to avoid failure

Post time: May-26-2020