Performance characteristics of hot press

The machine is widely used, can be used for hot pressing plate, also can be used for common veneer. With automatic feeding and discharging platforms. Can achieve the effect of continuous work. Save working cycle, easy and reliable operation.


The glue of plywood refers to the process in which the glue layer is cured after a period of time under the action of a certain temperature and pressure. During this process, the protein glue gradually solidifies, and the molecules of resin glue gradually condense, finally forming bulk macromolecules.


Bonding process: Adhesives are generally applied (or sprayed) in a liquid state on the surface of the bonded material for ease of wetting. Liquid adhesives have little or no shear strength, therefore, the liquid adhesives must be hardened into a solid by proper means after wetting the surface of the adhesive. The process of turning the adhesive into solid state by various means is called fixed-line. Solvent-based adhesives, emulsion adhesives and hot melt adhesives can be fixed by physical methods, such as solvent evaporation, emulsion aggregation and melt cooling. Thermosetting adhesives are chemically polymerized into solid polymers. In the adhesive products, the adhesive fixed telephone must be kept at a certain temperature and pressure for a period of time.


Post time: Dec-31-2020