Requirements and maintenance for plywood fabrication

With the improving of the social production technology and progress, plywood this product which has been widely used in our daily life is, plywood as made by multichip plate connection through the glue, it can be mass production, but assuming to ensure the quality of plywood, its claim to the plate is very big, simultaneously also has strict requirement for plywood production process, the following plywood manufacturers were roughly introduced here:.


Excellent symmetry criterion makes the veneer on both sides of the board face, whether in tree species, layer number, is still on the fiber direction, corresponding to each other, more easily assume that an error on the product deformation or cracking phenomenon, its adjacent single fiber direction is straight to each other, and the total number is odd number, each plate thickness thinner, the quality of it in the demand is higher, the greater the difficulty, increased from the capital.


At the same time, the moisture content of each piece of plywood requirements are relatively strict, assuming that too high will be more prone to degumization phenomenon, too low atomic clock hydroxyl activity decline, so that the physical function will be affected, so according to the standard for strict control, to ensure the production of qualified products to customers.


Nowadays society horizontal force has been in continuous development and improve, plywood used for the decoration of the plate in the life is extremely widespread, and plywood is also often used in modern decoration work sheet products, first used in the furniture surface, so we should be how to correct maintenance of plywood, plywood manufacturers here for our next carries on the brief introduction:.


1. Plywood furniture should be placed smoothly to prevent damage to the mortise structure.


2. Do not expose plywood in the sun to prevent it from deformation.


3, should not be placed in the local humid without ventilation, otherwise susceptible to damp plywood manufacturers swell and become bad.


4, wardrobe and other furniture, cabinet top can not be pressed heavy, otherwise easy to make the door frame deformation.


5. If there are cracks in plywood furniture, mix putty and pigment evenly and then inlay flat to prevent the cracks from extending and expanding.


6. When cleaning the surface of plywood furniture, avoid by all means washing with alkali water and boiling water to prevent damage to the paint surface.


7, furniture surface is assumed to be stained with lye or stains, to be promptly wiped clean with water, and then glazed wax.


Post time: Dec-14-2020