The normal operation of the hot press is inseparable from the help of lubricating oil

For the hot press, regular use of lubricating oil can prolong the life of the fully automatic saw and ensure the smooth operation of the machine under the follow-up action. And as far as heat press equipment is concerned, lubricating oil is also a channel for maintenance of heat press. Next, the hot press manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction to the lubricating oil that can be used in the hot press and the corresponding effects.

1. Thin oil lubrication. By cooling or isolating such components that mainly generate a large amount of heat, for example, the surface of a saw-tooth mechanical component can prevent excessive heat generation during friction and cause excessive wear and deformation.

2. Oil and gas lubrication. The lubrication effect is realized by the air flow. During the air flow, the method of spraying a small amount of oil droplets attached to the pipe wall on the friction surface is relatively economical and commonly used.

3. Oil mist lubrication. This method is sprayed on the friction surface in the form of mist, which has a high utilization rate of lubricating oil and is a micro-lubrication method.

4. Grease lubrication. No matter how high the processing precision is, the machined surface of the equipment has a certain friction. This method reduces the friction and improves the driving process to a certain extent.
The above are four common lubrication methods that belong to the hot press, each with its own characteristics. When choosing the lubrication method, you can choose according to the specifications and power of the fully automatic saw.

Post time: Sep-28-2020