Tips for summer plywood storage

The summer with high temperature has come, for the manufacturers engaged in the production of liuzhou plywood plates, such weather is suitable for the production of all kinds of plates. But plywood manufacturers also need to take care that finished plywood should not be exposed to the sun for a long time.

Liuzhou plywood

Stick plank according to standard agglutinate, what make and become is plywood. Plywood isn’t as collectable as solid wood, but it’s cheap to make, strong and durable, and a good choice for ordinary furniture and cabinets. Plywood manufacturers can provide consumers with a variety of types of boards, such as ecological board, super board, five board, etc., the types and specifications are very good, the quality is also very good.

Summer high temperature weather, is conducive to plate drying, is also the peak production of plywood. However, the boards completed by plywood manufacturers should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, which may easily lead to excessive drying and cracking of the boards, and also easily lead to the separation of the glued boards, affecting the service effect and shortening the service life. Guangxi plywood storage in summer, should choose a dry place to avoid light, away from water and open fire, safe rest assured.

Guangxi plywood

What’s your impression of summer? Strong sunlight and lingering heat? Different this summer, the north is generally rainy, sultry weather from time to time hit, plywood manufacturers in such weather is how to store boards?

In general, both hot and dry weather with strong sunshine and hot and humid weather are not conducive to plywood storage. Plywood exposed to the sun for a long time can crack and degum, and wet boards can become moldy. Especially this summer rain is much, plywood manufacturer must do moistureproof measure well when storing, the plank that already passed qualitative check should pack in time and transport to warehouse inside, reduce the time that stays in the outdoor, lest suddenly drop heavy rain causes plank to be affected with damp.

Plywood manufacturer

Warehouses storing plywood require dry ventilation, so that even during heavy rains, Windows can be opened as soon as possible to dissipate moisture and prevent the panels inside the warehouse from becoming damp. Plywood manufacturers should place the boards away from doors and Windows to avoid damp ingress. Summer rain is much, the manufacturer should produce plank according to need, do not hoard much plank inside the warehouse, lest be slow to sell.

Post time: Aug-05-2020