Understand the cleaning method of the hot press

We all know the function of Linyi hot press, it can be widely used or it can really help us, in order to better use it, we need to clean it in a timely manner, the correct cleaning can extend the service life of the equipment, what is the correct cleaning method?


Hot press daily cleaning is important, first of all need to in addition to oil dirties, then use kerosene oil removal, there is need for it to clean out the parts, parts scrubbed due order, first wash the main parts, after washing the secondary parts, in the process of cleaning, in various parts of the cleaning is complete, it is not able to put aside fold together, mainly in order to prevent damaged phenomenon to appear. Then there is the hydraulic system, whose main function is to apply pressure on the workpiece and drive the hot pressing plate to achieve a specific motion. The second is the control system of the hot press, whose main function is to control the heating system and the hydraulic system to make it work normally.


And, hot press after the completion of the above operation, must use clean compressed air to blow it clean, can also use cotton cloth to dry, but must pay attention, do not just clean the parts directly installed to use, otherwise the air pressure chance deflagration.

Post time: Oct-19-2020