What are the basic areas of application of plywood

Many people think that plywood is only used for furniture, but plywood manufacturers know that there is plywood in the construction, packaging, transportation and other work, and has a high wood utilization rate, and compared with natural wood, plywood has a small deformation, a large standardized proportion and a rich external decoration.


On the one hand, when the plywood is used for decoration, the requirement of the plywood is that the surface is necessary to lubricate, the texture of the plywood is necessary to be clear, this is the requirement of the wood decoration effect. Plywood and its fire and moisture resistance properties are required. Comply with the specification to ensure the plate has a longer life and ensure our safety.


On the other hand, when plywood is used in building materials, it is necessary to ensure that the thickness of these materials is moderate, the density of the board is reasonable, and building plywood has certain requirements for decorative effects.


In fact, the use of plywood can be used to decorate the house and product packaging, with it to make all kinds of wooden crafts, decorative floor and back of the house all types of furniture are good choices.


Post time: Apr-27-2020